Complex website promotion

We are responsible for the result, we take over the operation

We do everything you need to ensure that you
get customers from the Internet

Create and maintain websites
Google adverts
Facebook and Instagram advertising
Newsletters: e-mail, sms
Video advertising
Content marketing
Marketplace, bulletin board
Web analytics
Business analytics
Digital branding

How does the Jumator work?

Getting to know your business
We select the types of online promotion for your business and budget
We find out what the result of our work is for you
Most often, it is the number of orders from clients and their price.
How many applications do you need, at what price, and how will we count them?
We help to implement CRM, IP telephony for counting applications from online advertising.
We set up the collection of statistics so that you can see in specific numbers what result the advertising has brought
Launching advertising
Measuring the results
Count the number of applications received by type of advertising.
We calculate the cost of applications.
Together with you, we calculate the return on investment from advertising.
We make recommendations to improve the results and implement them after approval.
And we are launching advertising again
This means that we:

1. Show how much profit (applications) each type of online promotion brings.

2. Focus on your sales results.
What is the main advantage of Jumator?
We are responsible for Requests, not Clicks
We use performance marketing!

Why should you work with the Jumator team?

  • We and you - teamwork
    Your contact person is the Marketing Manager, who knows everything about online promotion and, at the same time, about the business and its needs. So you don't have to spend a long and tedious time trying to figure out what "those marketers" are doing in human terms.

    A separate team of 3 to 6 people works on your project. Our organisational structure is such that each team manages up to 10 projects, so we know each client by sight. You are not just another project for us, but a specific business with its own needs and nuances.
  • Honesty and transparency
    We are really interested in making your money invested in online promotion pay off in sales. And this is not "blah blah", this is our business model. We are interested in making your advertising pay off, because then you will remain our customers ;)
    And that's all we want. Jumator is for serious relationships.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Jumator works remotely. Therefore, you do not overpay for our office, coffee and cookies.

    Jumator works on outsourcing.
    Outsourcing is when you get qualified staff, but do not organise their work. We take over the operations and are responsible for the result -
    Attracting customers to your business.

How much does integrated internet marketing cost?

You won't believe it, but the service in Jumator costs from 240 c.u. per month!
Because knowing the specifics of small businesses, we can offer a lot of options:
- from low-budget ones for beginners in online promotion
- to large complex projects.
And we know how to help you grow your business so that you can pay much more ;)

Feedback from our clients:

So leave us a request here
and be calm about your marketing