Marketing department
for small businesses

Different types of advertising
bring me clients
...or not?
Google Contextual Advertising
Social media
Email newsletters
Facebook advertising
Newsletters in messengers
SMS newsletter
SEO promotion

What kind of advertising should I invest in to make a profit?

We know how to calculate profitable advertising channels for your business.

And we will take care of all the work of the marketing department

We offer
Marketing department for the price of 1 specialist

Your Marketing Department will have employees:

How much does the Internet Marketing Department cost?

You won't believe it, but the Internet marketing department costs from 240 c.u. per month!
Because knowing the specifics of small businesses, we can offer a lot of options:
- from low-budget ones for beginners in online promotion
- to large complex projects.
And we know how to help and grow your business so that you can pay much more ;)
So you can leave us a request here
and be calm about your marketing
Я спокійний за власний маркетинг!