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About Jumator
Our outsourced marketing department is the driving force that systematically, step by step, builds a flow of customers via the Internet to your business.
Taking the operating system for:
- choosing types of advertising,
- creating websites,
- ordering banners, analytics, etc., we give the result - Leads.
We build end-to-end analytics together with you, we calculate the return on investment from marketing. And we enjoy joint exploits.
    In 2013, when small businesses were just starting to look towards Internet marketing (I must say, not without skepticism), the commercial director of the enterprise was standing in the owner's office and witnessed an unpleasant conversation...
    The owner of the business shouted furiously:
    Where did our money go if your ad didn't bring in a single sale?!
    The same dissatisfied Owner became the prototype of our character
    The manager of the Internet promotion agency could not clearly answer the question. Conversions, clicks, impressions - the business owner (like any businessman) was not particularly interested.

    All the best products and services come from one's own or well-known "pain".
    That's why
    ..after 4 years JUMATOR was born , the same Commercial Director became his ideological inspirer.
    During this time, our Katya managed to:
    • to understand the structure of a small business, -
    • to be the director of a startup Internet agency,
      finish an Internet marketing course at Hillel, mentally combine Google Analytics with CRM at a Web analytics lecture, realize "where the dog is buried", and where is the answer to the cries of the boss 4 years ago.
      Our values
      From the moment of birth, our Jumator professes the following truths:
      • speak the same language with business,
      • focus not on clicks and likes, but on profit.
      In other words, be on the side of the entrepreneur.
      Honor his interest and the interest of the business (and this Philosophy is realized with the help of a modern Performance-marketing approach )

      So if:
      - you want the Internet marketer to be responsible for leads, not clicks;
      - you need a systematic Internet marketing;
      - you can pay the salary of one full-time marketer
      leave a request here